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Vape Juice Vape Dojo Bel Air Premium E-Liquid E-Liquid Ingredients

Vape Juice

Call them E-Juice, Liquid, E-Liquid, Vape Juice, or even Oil since many use these names interchangeably.
by Vape Dojo on October 21, 2018
Vape Tanks Vape Dojo Bel Air Aspire™ Aspire Cleito Pro Tank

Aspire - Cleito Pro Tank

Aspire has made its name by releasing quality products; and after they raised the bar with the Cleito 120 and EXO tanks, now comes the Cleito Pro tank! The Cleito comes pre-loaded with a new 0.15-ohm mesh coil (that can also be used in the previous models) with improved wicking, which leads to better flavor and vapor production.
by Vape Dojo on October 16, 2018
Vape Dojo E-Liquid Vape Dojo Bel Air Ten Bucks Juice Premium E-Liquid Charlie Noble E-Liquid


What other vape and food pairings have you tried? I would love to hear something new. If you have any recommendations on the matchings I should try, let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you! As always, Take Care, & Vape On!
by Vape Dojo on October 13, 2018
Vaping Vape Dojo Bel Air Aspire Speeder Aspire Revvo Tank

Aspire for the Win

Aspire has been a long time favorite of mine for vaping in general. Recently they have put out a couple new pieces of hardware that are worth a second look!
by Vape Dojo on October 10, 2018
Vape Dojo Bel Air Vape Dojo Premium E-Liquid Charlie Noble

Fruits are a safe bet.

New research shows that flavors play a critical role in attracting and retaining smokers into the vaping category, directly contributing to tobacco harm reduction. The results show that non-tobacco flavors, especially fruit-based flavors, are being increasingly preferred to tobacco flavors by adult vapers who have completely switched from cigarettes to vaper products. The most popular currently used e-liquid flavors in the US are fruit/fruit beverage, with dessert/pastry flavors next.
by Vape Dojo on September 24, 2018
Vaping Vape Dojo Bel Air Premium E-Liquid E-Liquid Flavors

Naked 100 Flavors

If you vape, you have probably heard of Naked 100.
by Vape Dojo on August 02, 2018



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