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Naked 100 Flavors

by Vape Dojo on August 02, 2018

If you vape, you have probably heard of Naked 100. They got the fruit flavors locked on, as well as other delicious flavors down very well.

Maui Sun – Sweet, tangy and juicy golden pineapple balanced with ripe orange and sweet tangerines

All Melon – Sweet juicy taste of watermelon, smooth crispness of honeydew and tangy sweetness of cantaloupe

Amazing Mango – Perfectly ripe, fresh and juicy mango with the subtle undertones of a peach infused cream

Green Blast – Smooth and subtle sweetness of honeydew, crisp tartness of green apples and the bright, creamy and zesty notes of kiwi

Hawaiian POG – The perfect combination of passion fruit, orange and guava

Lava Flow – Sweet strawberries, refreshing coconut and the sugary tang of pineapple

Very Berry/Really Berry – Sweet blueberries, rich taste of blackberry and a small tangy zest of lemon

Azul Berries – Juicy and ripe blueberry with a subtle undertone of raspberry mixed with a cream blend

Go Nanas – Sweet cream base with slices of rich banana. Smooth, light yet supremely tasty

Naked Unicorn – Out of this world strawberry blend with the smoothest creams

Berry Lush – Crisp and tart pineapple, sweet and ripe strawberry with a rich cream

American Patriot – A full bodied rich tobacco with firm, full rounded distinct notes

Cuban Blend – Medium bodied and aromatic with a balance of the Caribbean’s finest tobacco to create a complex smooth flavor

Euro Gold – A light body tobacco blend, handcrafted to create the smoothest tobacco vape

Berry Belts – Sweet and sour strawberry candy flavor loaded with sugary goodness and a splash of citrus

Sour Sweet – Lemon and lime candy with layers of sugary and sour undertones

Yummy Gum – Simple yet accurate strawberry bubblegum flavor

Brain Freeze – Not your typical menthol blend. Rich flavor of strawberry, tartness of kiwi and ruby red pomegranate

Frost Bite/Polar Breeze – Sweet golden pineapple, crisp honeydew and sweet tangy cantaloupe with a cool hint of menthol

Very Cool – Fresh blueberry, tangy blackberry, tart raspberry with cool undertones

As for my favorite, I’m a big fan of Really Berry - the flavors just blend perfectly, but also Maui Sun and Lava Flow. Lava Flow because I love strawberry, pair that with Piña Colada and now you know why. And Maui Sun because it reminds me of Tang, need I say more?


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