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by Vape Dojo on October 13, 2018

        For all the vapers out there, here is an awesome guide to some truly delightful flavor pairings. Elevate your vape flavors by pairing them with these other flavors. You've probably heard of wine and food matching. It's been done since way back in time and is still highly regarded in the culinary world till this day. But have you heard of vape and food/drink matching? With a large selection of vape flavors available, here are the types of food and drinks that best paired with vape juices.

        WINE - PAIRED WITH TOBACCO FLAVOR. This should come as no surprise for anyone who loves wine. It's always great to have a puff with a glass of wine. Whether to relax after a long day, or out socializing and drinking, these 2 flavors really go hand in hand. I would recommend trying to pair your favorite red wine, with a raspberry tobacco flavored e-liquid. Perhaps Lack O’ Tobacco, by Ten Bucks.

        MEAT - PAIRED WITH TANGY / CITRUS FLAVORS. Whether it is chicken, beef, lamb, or any one of your favorite meats, it is always great to have it paired with a fruit that is slightly tangy or citrusy to compliment the richness of the meat. The flavor pairing could be in the form of cocktails, sauce, or as a side. Poseidon’s Punch, by Vape Dojo Classic, will go great with your meat of choice.

        COFFEE - PAIRED WITH DESSERT FLAVORS. We all enjoy our coffee in different ways. With so many flavor combinations to try with your coffee, we narrowed it down to dessert flavors. Dessert flavors such Charlie’s Custard, by Charlie Noble, works well with your morning coffee. Stroopwafel, by Charlie Noble, will go superbly if you love caramel with your coffee.

        TEA - PAIRED WITH FRUITY FLAVOURS. Yes, we understand that not everyone loves coffee. No worries, we have all you tea lovers covered! There are so many flavor combinations that go well with your favorite tea, and here are some of my picks. Iced tea goes well with Prohibited Peach, by Ten Bucks. Simple, yet sweet/tart peach E-Liquid. If you are a Green Tea drinker like most of us, a Mango fruit mix flavor, such as Eden’s Beach, by Vape Dojo Classic, is a great option. If you want the whole experience through vaping itself, try everything.

        What other vape and food pairings have you tried? I would love to hear something new. If you have any recommendations on the matchings I should try, let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you! As always, Take Care, & Vape On!


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