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Aspire - Cleito Pro Tank

by Vape Dojo on October 16, 2018

 Aspire has made its name by releasing quality products; and after they raised the bar with the Cleito 120 and EXO tanks, now comes the Cleito Pro tank! The Cleito comes pre-loaded with a new 0.15-ohm mesh coil (that can also be used in the previous models) with improved wicking, which leads to better flavor and vapor production. The refill system on this tank is unique - as you pull off the ring cap and refill using the provided slot. With the new construction of this tank coupled with the ability to use older style Cleito coils in the system, adds up to make this tank the perfect upgrade or starter tank for any vape user. The tank does look interesting, it also looks different from anything else Aspire has made, but it’s still only a sub-ohm tank with the usual BVC coils. The first thing I noticed was the 0.15-ohm mesh coil, big wicking ports, and I mean BIG, for this type of coil. First thing that ran through my mind, ‘are they too big, would they flood the coil? The only way to find out was to fill it up and vape it, the side filling is a first for Aspire?” To fill you need to slide up the top ring or collar to expose the fill port. The top ring was a bit tight as Aspire have used a nice wide silicon seal inside the collar for the big port, but with a few drops of e-liquid it became easier and with this broad sealing ring I’m positive it won’t leak. I always prime my coils before first use and then let it sit for 3 minutes to soak up the e-liquid through the big wicking slots. The coil is a newly designed 0.15-ohm mesh coil to run between 60 - 75 watts. Apparently, this coil will fit and is compatible with the Cleito and Cleito Exo tanks,  and the coils for those also fit this tank. I put the Pro onto my mod, I wanted to start off gently just to ‘break in’ the coil and wicking, so I started at a lowly 55 watts, started vaping and was impressed, even at this lower wattage it was still out-performing all of my other similar sub-ohm tanks, and though I was almost chain vaping it was keeping up easily, must be those big wicking slots. The curvy drip tip was comfortable, and the airflow was easy to adjust for my style of vaping - all the way open. I like a warmer, denser and more flavorful vape, so I pushed up the wattage, first to 60, then 70, then all the way up to 75 watts. I could probably take it even higher too.  At 75 watts the vape I was getting was warm but not hot, dense but not wet, and with my favorite e-liquid (which I’ve used for a long time), all the full rich flavor I expected, and the coil easily kept up with my vaping and settings too! Aspire really gave this tank the right name, the Cleito PRO, and it rightly deserves it. What a great tank, what a great coil and what a great vape. Thanks, Aspire, you’ve done it again! I hope everyone gives this vape a try, It’s worth it. If you are interested in purchasing this tank or just checking it out, you can find it at Vape Dojo Bel Air for only $27.99. If you have already tried out this tank, please comment with your feedback below. I hope I helped someone find a new tank in the tank market. As always, Take Care & Vape On! 


x1 - 3ml Cleito Pro tank

x2 - Coils (1*0.5Ω & 1*0.15Ω Mesh Coil)

x1 - 4.2ml Glass tube

x6 - O-rings

x1 - User manual

x1 - Warranty card


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