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DynaVap - Welcome Kit 2020 M Series

    DynaVap - Welcome Kit 2020 M Series


      The DynaVap Welcome Kit comes with everything you need to jump feet-first into the world of DynaVap. It comes with a BB3 glass stem, a SlimStash travel container, and a Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter for one affordable price. 

      The DynaVap BB3 Glass Stem is made of high-quality borosilicate glass and is available in various colors. It is compatible with both the Titanium and Stainless Steel Tips. The DynaVap SlimStash is made of durable Sycamore hardwood and is small enough to fit in your pocket. It has a magnetic closure to keep your gear secure. The Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter is made of high-quality materials and is windproof. It has a long flame that can heat your DynaVap stem quickly and evenly.

      Bottle: Chubby Gorilla
      Size: 30, 120 ml
      Born on Date: Bottom Left on Label