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Vape Odor

by Vape Dojo on August 01, 2018

 Just about every product inquiry I receive most likely talks about whether a particular vaporizer is durable enough for its price, whether such vaporizer performs well enough, or whether it smells when used in particular locations such as the bedroom or bathroom. So, Ive come up with this article to answer the third question, which we say is a tad trickier to answer as many factors come into play. To answer your question the best way I can, you must read on.

        So, does vaping really smell?... Yes, but in a way more subtle and discreet as compared with combusting dry herbs. Smoke is about three times as odorous as vapor, and anyone who enters your room up to about 180 minutes since you last smoked might still know what youd been doing. In contrast, vapors linger for just about five to 10 minutes, depending on how well-ventilated your room or bathroom is. So why is vapor less noticeable? The answer lies on the airborne materials components. Because vapor is less dense than smoke, it quickly dissipates especially in a well-ventilated area. On the other hand, smoke contains more particulates as byproducts of combustion, and many of these small particles easily attach to the walls or fabrics. Thus getting rid of smoke is much more challenging. You may also be wondering, How Long Does Vapor Smell Stay In Your Room? Vaporizers produce those clouds that may look like smoke but do not have the same chemical or particulate content of real smoke. That being said, imagine lighting up your cigarettes in the same room and youll notice the smell of it clinging to almost every piece of upholstery and even the walls. This is because all those byproducts of combustion are denser. Plus, the carbon atoms abundant in smoke easily attach to the fabric, which explains why a smokers house or car still gives off faint traces of smoke long after he or she quit smoking. In fact, major repaints or thorough cleaning needs to be done even the goal is to completely erase any traces of smell. Vapor, on the other hand, is less dense and contain very few particulate matters that may otherwise linger inside. So, it only takes a few minutes for vapor to dissipate especially in a well-ventilated area. Compare that with smoke, the odor of which could linger for several hours to even days after your last session. The main rule by which we test whether how long vaporized materials stay inside your vaping area is the vaping temperature you choose while taking those hits. For example, setting your vaporizers maximum capacity to, say, 230 degrees Celsius would create denser clouds and of course, might result in stronger odors than choosing a lower vaping temp of 180 degrees Celsius. Also, in an open space, vapor dissipates so quickly that when you vape from about 5 feet or more from anyone, he or she could hardly smell your botanicals. Also, frequent vapers are less likely to notice the smell immediately as compared with those who do vape less frequently or those who do not vape at all. To Minimize Vape Odors, I recommend taking your vaporizer and using it in a well-ventilated room. A balcony is a perfect place to take those hits, or if you are near the window, make sure you exhale the vapor in the outside direction. You may also put up a fan that faces toward the window opening. If youre expecting anyone to come into your room after vaping, make sure to stop your session at least 10 minutes before their expected arrival. Vapor dissipates more quickly than smoke and does not cling to any fabric or other surfaces in your room. An aerosol freshener can always come in handy when you have so little time to let the vapor smell dissipate. My main point is all about responsible and discreet vaping when needed, stick to the guidelines and legislations, and if you find a private place in a location where youre allowed to vape, you can always take note of what we shared with you to minimize vapor smell. Whats your vaping experience? Share with us your stories or suggestions below!

Eric M. Bowersox


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