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Vape Dojo Classic Flavors

by Vape Dojo on July 23, 2018

Vape Dojo Classic Line has so many delicious flavors, it is a little difficult to choose one. Let me help you out.

-Black Menthol Fresh blackberries and cool menthol. This unique blend will dance on your tongue

-Blueberry Vanilla Tobacco The classic combination of blueberry, vanilla and tobacco. Smooth and robust.

-Butterscotch Swirls of butterscotch-ey goodness.

-Eden’s Beach This perfectly blended mix of fresh cranberry, raspberry, mango, and pineapple would take you away to paradise if you weren't already there.

-Good Cookie The Noble family's chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Handed down from generation to generation.  Warm and fresh from the oven.  All you need is a glass of milk.

-Happy Ending Pineapple. Coconut. Happiness

-Menthol This juice captures the best in cool menthol flavor in a truly delicious, premium e-liquid.

-Poseidon’s Punch An incredibly crisp and refreshing citrus punch. Guaranteed to dance on your tongue.

-Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Luscious vanilla ice cream interlaced with ribbons of fresh raspberry. Creamy, sweet and a bit of the tartness that will make you reach for another bottle.

-SamuRY4 This classic flavor is back and better than ever! Luscious caramel and vanilla complement this mild tobacco to make a deliciously satisfying vape.

-Sticky Buns Hot out of the oven is this delicious breakfast sweet, smothered in sticky icing.

-Tobacco The original Vape Dojo tobacco flavor. Smooth, yet bold.

-Treasure Island Return to your childhood... a favorite breakfast cereal. A full bowl in every vape!

-Vanilla Custard Pure vanilla custard deliciousness.

-Yum! Berry A delightful candied blueberry.

-Zen Juice Fresh honeydew, green apple, and cool mint. The classic Zen Juice has been reworked and is even better!

Like I Said there are many flavors to choose from! My personal favorite is Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream. Just enough raspberry to get the point across, but not too much which is nice because raspberry is a potent flavor. That comes together wonderfully with the creaminess from the ice cream. Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream has been one of my go to juices since I started vaping. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


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