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The story of Logan

by Vape Dojo on July 07, 2018

My friend Logan has been smoking for many years. He tried many different ways to quit. Of all the ways he tried none of the methods lasted more than 2 weeks. Then he tried vaping once it started becoming popular. But when he gave it a try the vape pens that were available in the market he found himself still wanting a cig. To be fair at that time vapes were not nearly as efficient at delivering nicotine as they are now.

Again he was back to buying cigarettes. He was using his vape while still smoking. Eventually he got fed up with the pen and had given up on vaping. He became almost anti-vape.

Once I started vaping he would always say “its not gonna last, you will end up wanting a cig”. With how much vapes have improved, I said he should give it another try. Surprisingly he agreed. I set him up with Cool Fire 4 and Kangertech Protank 4. It worked for a little while but he still using cigs as a crutch. It’s not that big of deal if you vape and smoke cigs, I know many people that weaned themselves off cigs with vaping.

I told him to actually kick the cigs he needed to upgrade his device. So after searching around we found a Wismec RX 2/3 for him and he decided since he is upgrading his device then why not upgrade the tank too. That was the ticket. He ended up deciding on UWELL Crown tank(good choice).

It was not instantaneous but he has not picked up a cig for almost a year. If at first you don’t succeed try again. It also helps to have a friend with vape knowledge!


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