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The new wave of vape

by Vape Dojo on May 23, 2018

Senior citizens. Whether if you love them or hate them; they will always be here and be a thing. One thing is for sure, they will always have a gap between them, and technology. As the world becomes more technologically developed, everything has been fast and go, go, go! From the smartphones we cherish and use every day, to even the Keurig’s we use in the morning for our coffee, everything is more advanced than anything was 5 years ago, ESPECIALLY including the devices made for vaping. For older people trying to get off cigarettes, this is a big turnoff. So many older folks hate the screens, the buttons, the watts, the coils, etc. So, they shy away from it. #SadTruth

Smoking runs in my family. I hate to say it, but it does. Gladly most of them turned to vaping. Even my 90-year-old grandfather. Just imagine a 90-year-old running, well, rolling around in his scooter, with a box mod. Its funny, but true and extremely helpful. For him and some other seniors, they went to vaping without turning a blind eye and gave it a shot. How about the ones where they don’t want to give up something so simple for something so complicated? As, I said before, technology advances. A year or two ago, big box mods were the thing, bigger is better, right? It seems to be that’s  not the case anymore. Now, it seems like people don’t want to carry a dual 18650 mod with a bulky tank on top. With the innovation of pod systems and the development of salt nicotine, people are offered the satisfying puff, minimized down to one tiny device smaller than the palm of your hand. Its small, concealable, convenient, and most of all, easier. Especially for the older smokers.

With innovations in the vaping industry, like the Aspire Breeze, and the infamous PAX JUUL, it’s become easier than ever to drop the cigs, and pick up the vape. All you have to do is pop a pod in the device, or fill it with salt nics, and you’re good to vape. That simple. No buttons, no screen, no wattage, no ohms. Just vapor and nicotine. Like, I said, the technology we use every day is expanding, faster than you can say “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” If you’re a smoker give vaping a shot… it will change your life forever.

Brad R


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