My name is Brian and I'm an assistant manager at Vape Dojo Bel Air.

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My name is Brian and I'm an assistant manager at Vape Dojo Bel Air. This is a story about my friend Aaron and how vaping has worked for him and also how it helped him.

Aaron started smoking cigarettes at 14 and has been smoking for 20 years. Recently he ran into some health issues after his car accident and had multiple broken bones that were taking longer to heal because he had, against the doctor’s request to stop smoking (the body will take longer to heal if you smoke cigarettes), not stopped smoking.

One day he stepped into Vape Dojo to get out of the rain and asked what this whole vaping "thing" was all about. So I answered his questions and because he was told to stop smoking cigarettes he was intrigued. He was not looking to start vaping "but if it got the doctor off my back about smoking, I'm game". So I set him up with a Kangertech SubVod Mega vape pen and Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream from the Vape Dojo Classic line. He absolutely loved it! He currently smokes 2 cigarettes a day compared to 30 a day thanks to vaping.
His doctor was surprised that vaping, while very similar to smoking, was not causing his body to heal any slower than it should.

I know it is not easy to quit cigarettes and you don’t have to enjoy vaping, you don’t even need to get nicotine all you need to do is try!


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