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by Vape Dojo on May 04, 2018

To start off, let’s just be honest… Vaping is intimidating. Some of us want to start vaping, or quit cigarettes, and just don’t know how. This is where I help out, Hi, My name is Eric Bowersox. I am the Manger of Vape Dojo Bel Air. I’d say on a average, I convert about 2 people a day from cigs to vaping. This is a simple process because of the knowledge I’ve obtained over the years.  I personally, have been with Vape Dojo for almost 3 years & cig free almost 4 years (applause). With all this time under my belt, I still remember converting like it was yesterday. I had smoked Newport’s for 8 years and I was done! My father was so supportive, he told me he would buy me my first Vape Pen if quit smoking. While my father and I were buying my first vape pen, the sales associate taught me the basics… You know, Charging, Refilling my vape, & Changing out my coils. I was instantly in love with my new vape and yet it was hard to let go of the cigs… So I used moderation, this technique extremely worked for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in converting. I was a pack a day smoker, so I dropped it to a half a pack a day and I filled the void with vaping. From then on out, I just kept decreasing my cig intake and increasing my Vape intake. I did this for a little over a month, then boom, I found cigs disgusting! I was finally a pure vaper, and I was happy.   

I still work at Vape Dojo & these days I am a avid Vaper. I build my coils and I even build coils for others. I really hope someone reading this will use the technique of moderation and also convert. Join the Vape Family, You know you want to! As a avid Vaper we all have the duty of helping someone out and passing our knowledge on. This way Vaping can evolve and the world will become a better place. Never Give Up & always help out others. Pay it forward. Vape 4 Life!   

The End.


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