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How it goes Down.

by Vape Dojo on May 29, 2018

In this Article, we will be describing a normal experience of someone, buying their first Vape at Vape Dojo. This way, anyone interested in buying a vape will understand the process. After reading, I hope you think this is a quick and easy process. My name is Eric Bowersox, & I am the manager here at Vape Dojo Bel Air. I have sold countless Vapes to beginners and vets. I have figured out ways through process of elimination to determine the right vape for the right customer. I wouldn’t set up something extremely advanced for a rookie beginner, that be a waste. So now that you trust me, here is how the process would go for a beginner to buy a vape.

  1. Walk into your nearest vape dojo.
  2. Show your I.D. and state that you are a beginner looking to start vaping.
  3. I’ll ask if you are looking to quit cigs or just for fun. I will ask for a price range as well.
  4. Then I will go over the devices we have in stock that pertain to you. (We can check them all as well. Perhaps for future knowledge.)
  5. I will help you pick out the vape that suits you best. Then I will thoroughly explain that vape.
  6. Now we are on to juice, I’ll have you pick from a list of categories or describe to me what kind of flavor you are looking for. I also have a binder with all the flavors in the store as well. (There is a testing-fee, but it’s only .27 Cents.)
  7. Then I will determine your nicotine level by asking a few background questions. (Just about cigs, nothing personal).
  8. I will show you the coils you will need for the future. (Normally a 5pack that you can buy now or later.)
  9. Bring you over to the cash register and check you out 😉 (on the register sewer brain.)
  10. Then Finally, Set up your device and thoroughly explain everything one more time.

Now you are vaping as you walk out the door. If you have any questions or concerns about your device, Please feel free to come back in, and we will help you out. Dojo Honor.

I hope this Article was helpful and cured any fears out there about vapes. I help people all day long, but my favorite customers are beginners. Truly nothing beats the looking on their face once they are all setup with a brand new vape. I still get excited at new flavors and new products and I’ve been vaping for 4 years now. “Never been a better time, then right now!” Hope to see you soon, Adios!


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