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Expanding the Electronic Cigarette Industry

by Vape Dojo on June 20, 2018

In most countries, cigarettes are more widely used than electronic cigarettes. Loose tobacco is in a higher demand. Expanding ready alternatives could lead to better health globally. Placing electronic cigarette focused stores around the globe could lead to a range of benefits. I believe vape knowledge could be expanded to various countries. Countries where cigarettes are more of a history, rather than a hinder on health.

In some countries, the variety of cigarettes is extensive. Most smokers have a preferred type a cigarette. In a convenience store overseas it is possible to find over 30 different types of cigarette. An alternative to smoking should be established clearly. The competition between traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes would be amplified. Creating quality alternative outlets in other countries could be substantially significant in terms of health benefits for the global population.


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