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  • Vape Juice Menu

    All of our juice flavors are located here. You will need this with every device we sell. We have many different flavors and nicotine strengths.
  • Starter Kits

    These have all of the hardware you need. Just add juice!
  • Gift Cards

    Give the gift of vaping!
  • Clearomizers and Tanks

    These hold the juice and sit on top of the battery. This is where the magic happens and the vapor is made.
  • Replacement Coils

    These are replacement insides for our Clearos and Carto Tanks. The insides will not last forever, but these are the only parts that need to be changed out occasionally. When you do, it is basically like getting a new tank. These generally come in different resistance levels, which are measured in Ohms.
  • Regulated and Variable Voltage/Wattage Devices

    These are devices that give you more capacity, features, safety features, and variability. These are a power source for your vape.
  • Chargers

    You will need one of these unless it is included in a kit. These will recharge your batteries.
  • Drip Tips

    These are extra mouthpieces that allow you to customize the look of your vape. These can be used on devices with replaceable drip tips. These generally do not effect performance one way or the other. They are called "drip tips" because people would put them on the end of a cartomizer and drip into the cartomizer through the tip.
  • Mechanical Mods

    These are unregulated battery tubes. They are basically metal tubes that hold your batteries and allow them to fire. There are no computer chips or protection with these batteries. These are usually used with Rebuildable Atomizers. Caution must be used with these devices, but the rewards can be great!
  • Mod Batteries

    These are the batteries for both Variable Voltage/Wattage Mods and Mechanical Mods.
  • Rebuildable Atomizers (RBAs)

    These devices require the user to wrap the coil around wicking material. These are generally used with Mechanical Mods. These require a working knowledge of Ohms Law and battery limits.
  • RBA Supplies

    These supplies are used for building RBAs, such as wire and wick.
  • Adapters

    If something doesn't fit, check here for an adapter.
  • Odds and Ends

    Can't figure out where this stuff should go!
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