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Why’s my Tank Leaking? Rebuildable Tank Edition

by Vape Dojo on May 17, 2018


This is another tips and tricks guide just like the first but this time we will be helping with rebuildable tank atomizers (RTA). RTAs are easier to find issues then standard tanks that take pre-built coils. The reason behind this is because RTAs are all about fine tuning to your personal needs. Lets explain.



This is the best part about RTAs. This where you get to play with different types of coil builds. You are able to make coils towards flavor, clouds, and type of hit. Now of course every build will be personal preference but with the understanding of making your own coils will help you fine tune through trial and error. When making your own coils wattage is going to be your main concern. You want to be able to consume the e-liquid efficiently enough so the tank does not start leaking. If you build a coil that requires more wattage than you are used to with your last build this could cause leaking. The tank coils start leaking from not using all the e-liquid in the reservoir.  This will also cause the coil to spit back at you and most likely scare the hell out of you. Knowing that you will either have to vape at a higher wattage (go up slowly on the wattage don't just jump 20 watts since this could cause burning of the cotton) or build another coil to closer meets your needs. This is why i said you want to focus on wattage before focusing on something else since the coil will need to be replaced if you don't like how it performs.


Now if you found the coil that works for you when it comes to wattage and it is still leaking then let's talk wicking. This part is the easiest when it comes to installing and removal but the worse when it comes to working correctly for you. Cotton has very little wiggle room. If you put too much cotton through the coil you will get dry hits that with continuous use will lead to the cotton burning and require replacement. If you don't put enough cotton you will have leaking issues. To find exactly how much cotton you need will require you to remove and replace a couple times. It is hard to tell you how much you need but a good eye ball amount to start with is to fill the coil with cotton but still be able to pull it through with a little friction. Again it is mostly trial and error. Leaking? Use more cotton than what you used last time. Dry or burnt hits? Use less cotton than you used before.  That's the best you can really do. The more you do it the better you will be off because it helps you figure out exactly how much cotton you need.


There may be some things that could cause leaking as well with the RTA.

Always make sure the RTA is assembled correctly. I have had an RTA that i forgot to put a metal ring back on. The metal ring helped keep the cotton in place so when you screwed the tank together the cotton would not move (i paid the price for that).  Don't forget to also check your o-rings on the tank. A pinched o-ring can make the tank lose its vacuum which causes leaking. Even make sure if you even have all the o-rings installed on the tank. Missing a o-ring can cause the glass on the tank to move which will cause leaking and the loss of the vacuum.

What’s the weather? If it is hot outside (above room temperature) this can thin out the e-liquid and cause the cotton to wick too easily. Which will cause the tank to begin leaking. To fight this will need to either try to keep the tank as cool as possible to prevent this heat or if you can't fight the heat turn your wattage up to help use up that extra E-liquid on the coil. Trust me i know it is not easy to fight the heat.

I hope that these tip and tricks help you in your RTA adventure. If there is anything that you think we missed or would like to just add let us know in the comments.


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