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Why is my tank leaking?

by Vape Dojo on May 16, 2018

Vaping Vape Dojo Gambrills Tank Leaks TankTanks can leak for a number of reasons. With a little effort, you can determine why your tank is leaking. 

Besides the obvious culprits, such as a cracked tank glass, broken or torn o-rings, or the coil unit not being sufficiently tightened, some reasons for leaky tanks are as follows:

  • Setting the battery’s wattage much lower than the coil’s recommended setting.

With increased wattage comes a hotter coil. If your coil is not hot enough to vaporize the liquid being fed to it, the non vaporized liquid will work its way the lowest point of the tank (usually the airflow slots at the bottom). Check to see if your wattage is in the coil manufacturer’s recommended range.

  • Taking too short of a draw.

The user must adapt to the device and tank. Again. Liquid that is fed to the coil but not vaped will result in leaks. Try taking longer, slower pulls.

  • Using a coil that is in need of replacing.

Coil life is largely determined by the liquid we use, how high of a wattage we are using and how often we vape. Liquid that contains high levels of sweeteners will result in the sweeteners baking onto the coil surface. This in turn encases the coil in an insulative layer of gunk that will result in the coil not getting hot enough to vaporize the liquid being fed - thus resulting in leakage.

While not a definitive list of leakage, the above are certainly the most common reasons.

The next time you are experiencing tank leakage, try to correct the issue with your new found knowledge.


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