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Why I love working for Vape Dojo

by Vape Dojo on May 16, 2018

I have heard repeatedly from customers telling me the success they have had quitting smoking using vaping products. Each time I hear that, it reminds me of my own struggle to quit smoking and recall the success I have had utilizing vaping products. Something as simple as hearing other people’s successes reminds me of why I love working for Vape Dojo. Helping people is what we do, and I love it. I take the time to listen to the customer and try to steer them to what would work best for their needs.

I greatly enjoy helping new customers. This gives me the opportunity to get to know someone new, someone who is facing a similar struggle to the one I had to overcome. It wasn’t easy for me in the beginning, but when I purchased my first vape I was shown the same level and care and help. I purchased my first vape from Vape Dojo, a couple of years before I worked here. That level of service hasn’t changed, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

I love being part of a company that truly stands behind their motto, “Premium Vaping Products and Service”

We are here to help and provide top notch service. We are vapers too, and are passionate about our business.


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