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What makes an e-liquid an everyday vape?

by Vape Dojo on May 17, 2018
This is a question i seem to have been getting alot of lately. This is very simple to explain but hard to help you find. Why? Well everyone has very different taste buds. There are very few people who stick with the same e-liquid since they haven't found “the one” or just love switching it up all the time.

Finding an all day e-liquid is not buying an e-liquid claiming it is an all day vape. I have bought a lot of these e-liquids claiming this. They may be good but not an all day vape for me. I like my flavor but too much flavor gets boring after a couple refills. When finding an all day vape you want a flavour that is not too strong and not too weak. If the flavour is weak then you are going to want something different due to not getting that satisfaction of taste. If you get a flavour way too strong then your going to probably want to vape something different due to getting so bored of it fast. Now this different for many. I have had friends tell me what i vape on is horrible in taste to them. I don't respond with your crazy because i love it. I respond with well this flavour is probably not for you then. For example, i don't like cereal flavours at all because all i taste is the lemon in them. I'm not just using it once and emptying it out to change e-liquid. I am using the entire bottle to see if maybe my taste buds become used to the strong flavours i'm used to and maybe start to taste the cereal they are aiming for. Still no luck for me when it comes to cereal flavours.  This doesn't mean i don't have an all day vape for me. I love Charlie Noble Pistachio. The caramel, vanilla, and tobacco ties really well with the pistachio. This is my all day vape. I never get tired of this flavour. I have been doing it for 3 years maybe even more. So when it comes to finding the flavour for you just remember you don't want a weak flavour and a not too strong flavour. That will be a great start in helping you find your all day vape.


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