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What Builds Do You Rock?

by Vape Dojo on October 17, 2018

When it comes to build on an RDA, everyone generally has that one simple, or exotic build, or advanced build, that is their go to build(s). I feel building lets you fine tune your RDA to find what you really desire out of it. Sometimes building can be time consuming, but once you get that perfect coil you get a sense of euphoria knowing that your time and effort was not wasted.

My simple build of choice is a 22 gauge nichrome single strand coil. Generally I prefer a 6 wrap for this coil with a 3 millimeter inner diameter - this way I can get a decent amount of cotton into the coil. Nichrome I feel gives me the best of both stainless steel and kanthal. Nichrome has the ease of building, flavor, and ramp up of stainless steel, and the cloud production of kanthal.

As far as exoctic builds go I have attempted many: alien fused claptons, corrugated fused claptons, various twisted builded, but my all time go to is a fused clapton. To make my fused claptons I like to use a 26 gauge kanthal core wire with a 38 gauge or 40 gauge nichrome fusing (or outer) wire. The reason why I use both kanthal and nichrome for fused claptons is because the nichrome helps with heating up the kanthal so there isn’t a slow ramp up. With this build I like to use it as a dual coil set up, 4 wraps for each coil, with a 3 millimeter inner diameter. This build is a perfect match for my Recoil Rebel RDA, and I get a nice crisp flavor with a great dense cloud.

Another I would recommend for those who, like me, enjoy builds, would be the Daedalus Pro by Avid Artisan. It is a great coil jig kit that comes with everything you’ll need. The sled is great and easy to set up for various builds, and this frees up your hand from having to hold your wrapping wire. The drill included in the Daedalus kit is also a great convenience because of the variable speed wheel and ability to use 18650 batteries to power it.

So my question to you is, what is your favorite simple and/or advance build to make? And what tools do you use to make them?


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