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by Vape Dojo on June 11, 2018

The poster above was published by the Smoking in pregnancy challenge group in conjunction with ASH.org and the royal college of midwives in the UK and is routinely handed out to women who smoke and discover that they are pregnant.
Stop smoking ordinary cigarettes is the best way to protect your baby’s health during your pregnancy and later on.

You must stop smoking ordinary cigarettes right from the fist stages of pregnancy.
        Not many studies have been carried out on the dangers of using a personal vaporizer during pregnancy. While it’s true that a personal vaporizer doesn’t produce the harmful substances present in ordinary cigarettes (carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic, etc) and is therefore less harmful for pregnant women than ordinary cigarettes, there is so far no study demonstrating that the components of e-liquids do not present any risk for the fetus. The nicotine contained in e-liquids is not a problem, since the nicotine substitutes authorized for sale (including patches, chewing gum and inhalers) are recommended by midwives, and increase the chance of being able to stop using tobacco. It doesn’t matter what method you choose - it’s important to stop, and to ask for a professional’s help. The personal vaporizer isn’t recognized as a tobacco cessation treatment, and can’t be prescribed by a health professional.


Source :
Documentation Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group


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