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Vaping attracts all!

by Vape Dojo on October 01, 2018
During my experience working storefront for 2 years, I’ve experienced a very wide variety of personalities who come in with a wide variety of motives. One moment, you’re helping a very gracious 60-year-old woman learning how to use her device, the next customer is  a guy sticking a dripper up his nose and ripping away! Whether it’s for casual use or to quit cigarette dependency, it’s all supporting the industry. We had a customer one time who was majoring in Art purchase a device for the sole reason so as to produce a vapor effect for photographs. The possibilities of utilizing Vape are endless! We’ve even met a person who uses Sweet Vape flavors to satisfy cravings of unhealthy food/candies, to assist with weight loss! It’s really neat how many different people enjoy vaping, and we’re here to assist, with open arms to all!

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