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Vapers Tongue?

by Vape Dojo on August 03, 2018

Do you vape the same flavor everyday? Do you still taste the full flavor of your favorite juice? Well you aren’t the only one who has had this issue. Many Vapers have this issue where they constantly vape the same flavor for weeks at a time and they slowly lose their sense of taste to that flavor. This phenomenon is known as vapers tongue.

How can I fix this? Some of the most common fixes for this are switching juices and drinking Coffee. Switching juices can give your tongue a rest from the golden all day vape you love. In my experience if you vape a dessert flavor you should look for a lighter fruity or citrus flavor, and the opposite is said if you vape nothing but fruity and citrus flavors. The one quick fix juice I normally us is a straight menthol juice. The other fix for those who can stomach it, is bold black coffee. Coffee is naturally very acidic and that acidity helps reset those finicky taste buds. I personally like drinking darkest boldest roast I can find and like most people in the morning, I need my cup of coffee in the morning to function, and it’s a daily revamping for my vapers tongue.

Another fix that many of my friends prefer is the pickle trick. Basically if you like dill pickles then go down to your local gas station or deli and pick yourself up a pickle and enjoy a nice snack. Just like coffee, dill pickles are high in acidity. So for those who don’t a nice cup of joe this may be another alternative.


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