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Vape Dojo Parkville Here with Our review for the Aspire Breeze!!!!

by Vape Dojo on April 24, 2018

We wanted to give you a review on the Aspire Breeze strictly using the 1.2ohm coils for salt nic liquid. We are staying strictly on the 1.2 ohm coils due to the wattage requirements for salt nic.  We started to use the Aspire Breeze in November 2017. We have loved it ever since. Amazing flavor, very little liquid consumption ( a 30ml lasted one of us a month ) and a coil lasted one of us around 5 days. We used to make our own coils but were tired of using so much liquid due to the wattage range we liked to sit around using 3mg. In November 2017, salt nic liquid started to catch our eye and we decided to say "Hey why the hell not? I would like to try something different." BAM, Aspire breeze on our door step.

What we wanted

  • We wanted a small vape, not necessarily a cigalike, but definitely very compact
  • Battery has to last all day at medium usage
  • Ideally a full tank should last all day
  • No leaking
  • Pretty quick nicotine fix (especially for those that need a short vape break at work)
Vape Dojo Parkville Aspire Breeze Review

    Thoughts on the Aspire Breeze

    Upon arrival we were blown away by the size. It is a little bit bigger than a bic lighter and a little heavier then a zippo. The plastic cover that came with the Breeze that covers the top of the mouth piece is a really nice touch but we quickly learned that it does not like to stay attached. So a bit of a bad start (Don’t worry you will never need the tip cover unless you live on the beach as dirt has rarely gotten inside). We clean the mouth piece every time we change the coil in the Breeze. Running faucet water through the mouth piece does the trick. We DO NOT run water into the tank since it will most likely go inside the device if you overfill. We use paper towels and Q-tips once a week when we change the coil. This method seems to be completely fine (Menthol seem nearly impossible to remove).

    On to the coil. It really does not get any easier. The coil has 2 holes on top of it. Insert the tip of your e-liquid bottle or eye dropper (perfect size for both) and gently squeeze juice into the coil. The 2nd hole that is right under the lip of where your filling will over flow and as soon as it does STOP. Your coil is now primed. Screw the coil into the shaft of the Breeze. Fill the Breeze tank with the liquid you primed your coil and don’t go past the red line that is clearly there or when you insert the coil it will overflow. Then insert the shaft with coil installed into the tank.

    After you have done all that which in time of physically doing it is literally 2 minutes tops, you are ready to use your Breeze like a true vape god #vapenation.

    If you didn’t read the instructions or haven't already figured it out playing with it, five clicks of the power button will turn it on and five clicks again will turn it off. That simple. To use the Breeze when its on you either hold the power button and inhale or just inhale. That’s right!! That little cylinder next to where you filled your eliquid and installed your shaft/coil is an amazing invention that has an automatic on/off sensor. So, it knows when you inhale. You can simply inhale with minimal effort and join #vapenation that easily.

    Salt nic

    You want to stay around 50VG/50PG to 65VG/35PG. If you go any higher, you will have issues with the coil not wicking correctly and will dry out very fast ( the instructions also say not to use a high VG liquid ). What you could do to fight that is loosen the shaft and then re-tighten it. That causes the vacuum that you created from use to be released and force juice into the coil. Other wise that there are a lot of companies that have their juice new/old in salt nic. Always start on the lowest salt nic you are able to get to see how you are with it. That’s always the best rule of thumb since some liquids are harsh just based on the flavoring the company uses.

    Battery life

    It is what we expected for a 650mah battery. We are easily getting a full day with the 1.2ohm coil. Don’t worry, if it is not lasting you that long which is not far-fetched since everyone has very different vaping habits there is a portable charger you can get for your breeze that has a 2000mah battery inside of it. The Breeze just slides right into the charger and that’s it your device is charging.

    Tank capacity

    It is only 2ml capacity but gets us 2 to 3 days easily. UNHEARD OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well for us at least. (don’t forget we work in a vape shop so our 15 minute breaks are without vaping)

    Things we would change if we could

    • make the the window a little bigger to see what we have left in the tank.
    • Flatten the bottom a little more to help it stand better. Doesn’t fall that much to be honest but this is what this section is for.
    • Have options to change the drip tip to maybe a different color, style or just give us a back up. We have never really lost one but have had a customer lose one at work. Also from dropping which will happen it seems to fall on the tip 90% of the time. The tip begins to take on a different shape but not ruin air flow.
    • Adjustable air flow would be a nice touch but not exactly needed with the 1.2ohm coils.

    Final thoughts

    This is an amazing device for a beginner to advanced vaper. It did take us 1 to 2 weeks to get used to the switch from the 80-100 watt range to 14-ish watts. Amazing quick hitter. We use it a lot less than what we used to. We hit it around 3 to 4 times every ten minutes (of course depends on what kind of day it is). It is still our all day every day vape since November 2017 and don’t see any changes any time soon...well of course besides the flavor of liquid.


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