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Things to know in the beginning

by Vape Dojo on June 30, 2018

Things to know in the beginning

When starting your vape journey there are some things you should know and be aware of so everything can go smooth for you. We will also talk a little about tips and tricks to help you figure out any issues that you may run into.


When you have already found the vape you want to start off with, whether pen or mod, they will both be in the same area of issues that you may run into.  Now when starting to vape and you are coming off of cigarettes it will be hard if you don't focus more on your vape. Every time you want to smoke pick the vape up first and use it until you feel like you do not need to smoke anymore. If that does not work over time then go ahead and smoke that cig. The reason i say this is because i have rarely seen people go cold turkey with cigarettes and stay off of them. Also doing it this way tricks your mind into thinking well if i vape i'll have that cigarette at the end but over time your mind will focus more on the vape and you are going to want that vape more. That has been the best way for me and others so I suggest trying it. Now let's say you are just vaping now and off the cigs. That's awesome! Things are going smooth until oh no my vape tastes nasty. Do not sweat that. If your vape is starting to taste nasty it could be that you have become bored with that flavor but most likely what is happening is that your coil is burnt. That means you need to change that coil. This happens over time of use. No coil that you will ever find will last forever. Now the time it usually takes a coil to be done is on average a week, but that is not always the case. I have used vapes where the coil only lasts a couple days and some coils that have lasted me a month. Ok, so now you have changed your coil and see that the flavor is back - that is awesome - but if the flavor is not back there can be a couple things in play. You could be used to the flavor you have been using so of course i would suggest you get a different flavor. Well it's not the type of flavor i'm having an issue with and it still taste burnt. That will most likely be that you did not prime your coil. Priming the coil means you have to soak your coil in the e-liquid you will be using. To do that you want to put your e-liquid on all parts of the cotton you see on your coil. This helps you be able to use your vape right away without issues of being burnt with normal use.


Now i say normal use because you also need to pay attention to what the coil is able to be run at. This is for those who use an adjustable vape (being able to change voltage/wattage). If you run the coil at its maximum wattage right away you risk burning the coil even if your in the coils appropriate range. Coils have a break in period and you don't want to max burn them right away. Turn your wattage down to about half of what you usually use. Now this applies to those who are running their coil at maximum wattage the coil is capable of. If you run your coil lower normally this does not really apply to but you should still know that there is a break in period this means the coil may have a weird taste in the beginning but will go away after a bit of use (5-10 hits normally).  Ok so now we have done all of this but my tank is leaking! Do not worry this may be from over priming your coil and all you have to do is to vape it to get off that excess. If the leaking continue still do not panic. To fix that you need to turn up your wattage up so you can match how the coil is wicking. Turning it up will help the coil evaporate the e-liquid efficiently but remember not to turn up too high or we will be at risk of burning the coil. But i use a vape i cannot adjust. This can be fixed through vaping or holding the button that fires the coil and blow into the mouth piece that will help you not have to risk getting e-liquid in your mouth (still not a problem just not always the best taste). Now you know most of the things that occur with vaping. There are other things that can happen but usually do not. If there is anything you run into we can always help and would love to cover that in a separate article if it happens to a couple of you. Do not forget your vape shop is always there for you ( well they should be).


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