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Say goodbye to all the mouth-watering, delicious, fruit and desert flavors that we all enjoy so much in our vapes. Possibly. Kids and teenagers are acquiring nicotine dependencies at even younger ages now, with the uprising of small but effective pod-based nicotine delivery systems. This has not gone unnoticed by the FDA. The FDA is pushing to restrict the flavor in all tobacco products to be purely tobacco. This includes placing a ban on all types of fruit, dessert, nut, and even menthol flavored tobacco products and e-juice. According to the FDA, the reason behind the rising rate of nicotine dependency among youths is due to all the tasty flavor options offered in vaporizers and e-cigarettes. While this is possible, many other individuals testify that they were able to convert from traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products only with the help of all the delectable flavors offered in vape juice. This is still a long ways from happening, however the relationship between flavors in tobacco products and the rates of nicotine addiction is actively being investigated by the FDA. What can you, a fellow vaper, do? Let your voice be heard, and tell the FDA that we want to keep our flavors.

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