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The Vape that got away.

by Vape Dojo on May 02, 2018

In the Beginning… So lets say 2015. I had just serious started vaping. Purely vaping, Nothing else, & I was just hired by vape dojo. See I had been given mods in the past, But now I had finally bought one on my own. I was proud… My vape was a Innokin MVP 3.0, with a Little Boy RDA. I was in love. It worked perfectly. I was building my coils and Chucking clouds. All my dreams had come true.


Now I have always been in touch with my inner crafty side. It comes off feminine, and yet it is handy, so oh well. I personally blame it on the fact that I am a Libra. Since This Vape was 100% mine, I decided to paint and add stickers. Yellow is my favorite color, Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite movie, & Vape dojo is the best job ever. So you guessed it, I made a Yellow Nightmare Dojo Vape. She was beautiful and I named her Jally, After Jack & Sally.




This easily became my favorite vape of all time. Sadly This story is a Beautiful Nightmare. This is a cautionary tale. My Vape was so amazing, others thought the same. I took my eyes away for a Minute and Boom she was stolen. I get upset thinking about it, so I tell myself it was a compliment. I said I did such a good job on it, Someone had to steal it for themselves. Does anyone else have a story about their favorite vape they lost, or broke, or had stolen. This is a safe place, You can vent here. I do have a vape, that I Love now. Which I will share more about later. So just remember my fellow hurt vapers, It gets better, never give up!


- Bowersox - 





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