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The responsible vaper

by Vape Dojo on June 11, 2018

Responsible vaping means thinking about other people - yourself as well as the people around you.


Can I vape at work ?
Each country has different rules about vaping at work. It would be best if you talked to your supervisor prior to vaping in the work place. It’s up to vapers to be aware, and to be considerate about the comfort of the people around them.


Am I allowed to vape in places that are open to the public ?
Most countries allow vaping in places that are open to the public : unlike in the US where restaurants, cafes, bars,stadiums, hospitals, etc. where smoking is prohibited vaping may not be allowed ask your host if it is permissible and make sure you keep up to date with changes in regulations.


I’m pregnant; can my partner or other family members vape in my home ?
To date, there is no study that shows the effects of passive vaping. Your family members who prefer to use a personal vaporizer to stop smoking present less of a risk to the people around them than if they continued to smoke ordinary cigarettes. However, you could ask them not to vape in the same room as you, and you should ventilate your home regularly.

Where am I not allowed to vape ?
Most countries don’t allow vaping in the following places :
1. Enclosed public transport (subways, trains, buses).
2. Schools and other places attended by minors.

What are the penalties for breaking the law ?

If you break the law, you can expect to be punished according to the laws of the country or locality.


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