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The Recoil Rebel

by Vape Dojo on June 12, 2018

Designed by Grimm Green and Ohm Boy OC



Designed by famous YouTubers Grimm Green and Ohm Boy OC, the Recoil Rebel has made its way to being my go to atomizer for the last 6 months since it was gifted to me. Designed with every level of Vapor, the Recoil Rebel is a 25mm, two post atomizer with two lead holes on each post( a upper and lower hole on each), with a spacious build deck for whatever build you would like to put in it. With larger coils you can utilize a lower and upper lead hole, and with smaller builds you can use the two lower holes and stack your leads.


A unique feature of the Recoil Rebel is the ultum ring that you can place around the build deck. The ultum ring has two purposes, the first being to create a near over drip proof juice well and the other being to hold the cotton ends in the juice well to absorb all the juice you drip in to it.


Other extras included with the Recoil Rebel are allen keyed replacement screw, O-rings, and the Snake Bite air flow cap the was featured on the original Recoil atomizer. Aftermarket extras you can buy from recoilrda.com for this atomizer are the squonk post replacement and the wide bore DocMods drip tips.


Maintaining this atomizer is pretty cheap so there is need to buy a new one if you strip any screws or post holes. You can buy four new screws for a $1 and new posts for $10.


All in all this atomizer is made for every Vapor in mind and can’t be beat for $60 and won’t be leaving my all day setup anytime soon.


-Philip Wood


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