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The Difference Between “Mods”and “All in ones”

by Vape Dojo on June 22, 2018

The Difference Between  “Mods”and  “All in ones”

Most folks consider vaping to involve the use of larger tank and mod systems where one must maintain the coils and refill the liquids manually and you’re able to adjust the wattage to increase or decrease the performance of your device.  


Typical characteristics 

  • Large
  • Separate tank
  • Heavy
  • May need to worry about external batteries
  • Average wattage ran 35-85
  • Pricey 50-150
  • Rips through e-liquid


Due to recent advancements in technology  “all in ones” are becoming the go to for many people due to the small form factor and the discrete nature of the hit and the ease of maintenance.



  Typical characteristics

  • Small
  • Built in tank or small pod
  • Light weight
  • Built in battery
  • Average wattage 8-15
  • Cheap 20-50
  • Pretty conservative on e-liquid



Just keep in mind everything is subjective to what each individual person is looking for and what they are looking to get out of their device to make their vaping experience the best they can.


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