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The Aspire Breeze 2

by Vape Dojo on July 24, 2018
As of recently, we now carry the Breeze 2 at Vape Dojo Ellicott City! After a few days of using it, the experience has been fantastic. The Breeze 2 brings vast improvements to the table, making your salt-nicotine experience that much better. Firstly, Aspire has released a new 1.0Ohm coil, compatible with both the new and old design, giving a nice middle ground between the older 0.6ohm and 1.2ohm. The Built in glass tank of the Original Breeze has been removed and replaced by a plastic pod, making it very difficult to break, even upon some of the worst drops/falls. Along with changing to a refillable pod system, the juice capacity has been extended by 50%, now holding 3ml of your favorite juice! Juice capacity isn't the only thing that extended too! Personally this is what I think to be the most notable improvement among the Breeze.. Battery life! Now upgraded to a 1000mAh as opposed to the older 650mAh, this lil thing can keep a charge for ages! Aspire has essentially made an even lower maintenance device, with even better results. Interested yet? Come visit us and enjoy the Breeze.

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