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Tesla TPOD

by Vape Dojo on October 14, 2018

Yes you are seeing this right! This pod system has a screen. The Tesla TPOD is the beginning of pod systems giving you a little more information than just a window on the tank to see how much E-liquid you have left, or a small LED light. The screen on the TPOD shows your battery life, the amount of puffs you have taken, how long you hit it for, amps, and voltage. Now with a pod system amps and voltage are not really needed but it's a nice touch to let you know that the coil in the pod is getting power. The battery display is the best part of having this screen on this device. It is so nice to see how much battery life you have left and not have to base it of a single LED light. The puff counter it is a nice touch to see how many hits you can get out of a filled pod, but the biggest issue is that if it dies or you turn off the device, then the puff counter is reset. There is a button on the side of the TPOD that you use to turn it on and off. There is no fire button on this device. You simply pull on the device and it will automatically start sending power to the coil. I have always loved the auto pull system that pods have, but the problem with this pod system is that you need to do a primer pull to get the coil heated for a good hit. Most other pod systems that I have used have immediate power where the coil does not need time to heat up.



Button shown here above is not a fire button. It is just used for turning the device on and off. I really wish they added a function with the button that would reset the amount of puffs taken, and not where the device resets the puffs when turned off. I do not find myself turning this device off that much, to be honest. Especially since the screen only stays on for 2 seconds and there is no fire button, so there is not much to worry about when it comes to conserving power.

To fill the pod is like any other pod, but they give you two fill holes for the same tank. At first I thought it was two separate tanks in the pod. That would not be a bad option if they wanted to add something new. Why two fill holes if its the same tank? This helps when filling with wider tip bottles. It gets rid of the chance of putting too much air in the tank. If you get too much air into the pod an air bubble has the chance to attach itself to the coil or the cotton that will cause dry hits. It's a nice touch to have the ability to use any type of bottle to fill the pod, but after learning my lesson with the pod systems I have used in the past I will always use blunt tip bottles to completely eliminate the chance of air bubbles in my pods. The coil in this pod is a ceramic coil and this explains the reason one needs to take a primer hit on the pod to get it at the temperature it needs to produce a satisfying hit. I have always enjoyed ceramic coils except for the need for primer hits. The flavor is always fantastic on these coils but I always find myself forgetting that I need to do a primer hit and then find myself doing a very long hit to get the satisfaction that I am looking for. It is not the end of the world, but if you have another pod system that delivers that satisfying hit immediately then most likely you are going to pick that device instead. That is the gamble of ceramic coils. They need to be wicked nice to provide the flavor people want because the satisfaction needs to be chased a little bit due to them being so slow to heat up.

Now would I say buy this device? I say yes! It is not the best pod system out there, but when it comes to the screen it does compete better than others. I give it a 7 out of 10. It would be lower if there were no screen. The flavor is nice but still not the best, imo. The fill system is smart for those who are quickly filling and do not want to take their time to fill the tank. The battery life is not that bad for a 500mah battery. I do like that they kept the auto pull that most pod systems have because I am starting to see some companies start to just go back to fire buttons. The button on the side of the TPOD is nice to have since you will be able to turn off your device easily. I always suggest turning you devices off when not using - if you have the option. If they added a function with the power button to be able to to reset the puff counter when you want to, and not only when the device is turned off, that would be a very nice touch. It would most definitely be a better device.


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