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Ten Bucks Juice

by Vape Dojo on May 23, 2018

I don’t know how we do it. 60mls of high quality e-liquid for… you guessed it, ten bucks.

Ten Bucks features ten flavors including:

Adult Flavor #35 – Slices of apple, pecan and a robust tobacco.

Bilked Milk – Blackberries and sweet cream.

Employ-Mint – Cranberry and pomegranate with cool peppermint

Fair Shake -  Vanilla ice cream, sliced peaches and bananas blended to perfection to create this fresh, fruity milkshake.

Flustered Custard - Slices of ripe nectarine gently layered on top of a thick, rich vanilla custard.

Lack O’ Tobacco - A finely crafted blend of aged tobaccos and dried raspberries.

Let them Eat Cake - A Mardi Gras favorite, King Cake is a delicious cake topped with a sugary frosting and dusted with cinnamon.

Meddling Pudding – A rich and creamy vanilla caramel Pudding.

Prohibited Peach – White peach and sparkling wine.

They’re Nuts - The nuttiness of pistachios, rounded off with the sweetness of brown sugar, and a delectable cream, blended together to form the perfect dessert. 


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