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RDA Maintenance

by Vape Dojo on October 01, 2018


When it comes down to chasing the flavor train most people you see will be using a rebuildable dripping atomizer, or RDA for short. While RDAs are great for flavor and cloud production, they also require a fair bit of maintenance.


What I mean by maintenance goes beyond just having to make coils and changing out cotton. Every month or so I go through a checklist on my RDAs. I start off by taking them apart and checking the posts, making sure my screws and post holes are not starting to strip or become misshapen. Next I take off my o-rings and place them in a small bowl with lukewarm water to tighten them back up. After that I do a nice deep clean with a soft bristle toothbrush on the deck and top cap, making sure I get into every nook and cranny. After the deep cleaning I place my parts in to a ultrasonic cleaner on a light setting for about 10 minutes just to knock off any crud that might not have been washed off during the deep clean. Once my RDA parts are done with the ultrasonic cleaner, I reassemble my RDA and do a post clean checklist.


My post clean checklist consists of checking my o-rings for any damage, making sure my insulators look good, making sure my 510 is snug, and making sure any RDAs with a screwed on negative are snug.


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