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Quitting smoking through vaping – There's more than one way

by Vape Dojo on April 24, 2018

My first submission:

*Quitting smoking through vaping – There's more than one way*

Most people who quit smoking through vaping will recommend devices that try to mimic the pull and hit of a cigarette. It's known as MTL – mouth-to-lung vaping. MTL is vaping as if drawing from a cigarette. This works for lots of folks, and that's great!

Myself, I didn't want to mimic a cigarette. I went straight to sub-ohm vaping. This is also known as DTL vaping: direct-to-lung, where you inhale directly to your lungs. This is what worked for me!

The shop owner who helped usher me into the world of vaping recommended a tobacco vape. This is what usually helps people quit. I insisted on fruit and dessert vapes. I wanted something that was unlike smoking to help me quit - and stay away from - cigarettes.

The recommended way doesn't necessarily mean the only way. So if you've tried it and it didn't work for you, don't give up. Get yourself an inexpensive sub-ohm starter kit, or a friend to lend you gear to try. Try different styles, different flavors and different nicotine levels.

Find what works for you because it is very much worth it! I am now over two years smoke-free. I feel better, I can smell and taste aromas and foods again (including how bad cigarettes make your clothes smell!), and most importantly I am healthier. I wish the same success for every smoker!

 -Nick C, u/VapeDojoNick


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