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I have noticed in the past few months that POD devices are starting to become more and more popular. I feel like they are starting to take the place of AIO (all in one) pens style devices of the past. The beauty of a pod system is that they are small, compact, and deliver a substantial amount of nicotine per puff. They are also great for the first timers that are initially coming off more traditional nicotine delivery methods. It offers a more familiar mouth to lung hit as apposed to the direct lung hit of a sub-ohm device. They are very easy to fill, simply pop the old pod off and put the new one on. No need to worry about filling up a tank. One of the main draw backs that I find with these devices is battery life. I don't think it's a total issue because in theory the user will be hitting it less than they would be when using a more traditional device. The reason being that most pod systems use salt nicotine that range from 25% to 50% as opposed to 3% or 6%. In conclusion I feel the POD system could really become a front runner in the evolution of vaping products.


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