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by Vape Dojo on June 13, 2018

Here will talk about how PG and VG affect your e-liquid. If you do not know or are unsure what VG and PG is take a second and read the article that we have already done explaining these two. PG and VG are 90% of the time in your e-liquid. There are E-liquids that use 100% VG. There are never e-liquids that are 100% PG. Let us explain.



PG can be very important when making e-liquid. PG is needed to help enhance flavors to get to a desired taste but is not always required. PG helps you get a nice sweet flavour. Flavors like strawberry and banana do a lot better when with PG. Flavors like pineapple do not exactly need it since it is such a strong flavor but a lot of manufactures use it in PG form still to either not have to use so much of the flavor or to make it really dominate when mixed with other flavors. I prefer to have some percentage of PG since most flavors that are made that i like really need that boost in taste. PG also has a catch. If there is too high of a percentage of PG the e-liquid becomes way too harsh to vape even without nicotine. When you using PG you really want to find that sweet spot. Too little PG can make your e-liquid very bland and too much PG can make your e-liquid harsh. From what i have seen most e-liquids that are out there are between a 70VG/30PG to 80VG/20PG mixture. That is always a great starting point as well when you are making your own e-liquid. We will cover DIY soon. Also PG is a lot thinner than VG. This can be trouble for vapers because if the e-liquid is too thin it can cause you to have leaking issues with your vape but this also can be very beneficial for you as well. If you are a chain vaper or like to run your vape at a high wattage thinner E-liquid may be great for you since it be thinner it will wick a lot easier through your coil. So make sure you are weighing your needs when it comes to low or high PG. There is always a catch when it comes to the percentage of VG vs PG.





VG is 100% always in your e-liquid. I have never found a e-liquid with no VG. VG is great but also can bring some issues. VG gives you smoother vapes and increases your vape density. This can be really good for those who like to run their vape at high wattage so they can produce a large cloud. There is also a drawback on high VG when it comes to vaping at high wattage. VG is thicker than PG. So what this implies is that if you get a high VG e-liquid and want to run it on high wattage you will run into the coil drying out fast on you and can potentially burn the coil if it can not wick fast enough for you. So you need to watch your wattage and your vaping habit. To help combat this you can pull relatively hard on your vape to help bring more e-liquid into the coil or just turn your wattage down to where your coil can keep up with you. This is all trial and error since everyone vapes differently.


So when you are looking to get new e-liquid you have not had before make sure you pay attention to the percentage of VG and PG and compare it to your last used E-liquid. That way you can see if you may need more PG or more VG or you have already found a percentage you like to stay with. Again this is all trial and error when it comes to find the e-liquid that is right for you. So be patient and explore what is out there. Vape on!



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