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Pets & Vaping

by Vape Dojo on July 25, 2018

We have well-documented risks related to secondhand smoke. So far, we dont know too much when it comes to secondhand vaping. Smoke from tobacco cigarettes can cause countless health issues. They include allergic dermatitis (a skin condition) to nasal or lung cancer and lymphoma. Doctor Jane Bellows from Weston, FL found human lungs with cat and dog lungs to be very identical. This led her to claim that secondhand smoke can be as harmful to pets as for other humans. Several studies and research studies confirm that vapor might not be as hazardous as smoke. For instance, this study used four high nicotine e-liquids. The results showed that For all byproducts measured, electronic cigarettes produce very small exposures relative to tobacco cigarettes. The study indicates no apparent risk to human health from e-cigarette emissions based on the compounds analyzed. Another, more recent, study by the Spanish Council of Scientific Research was recently published in the Journal of Chromatography. The researchers measured the levels of 156 VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in normal exhaled breath, smoke, and vapor. The results showed that exhaled vapor had fewer levels of VOCs than even indoor air and exhaled smoke. On the other hand, tobacco smoke had shown the highest levels. But as a responsible owner, we still need to ensure our pets safety. Our pets can catch vapor or its remnants from surroundings, such as carpet, couch, etc., in their fur or feathers. As a result, it might lead to skin allergies. Some experts claim that inhalation of exhaled vapor can lead to some problems. They include allergies, respiratory issues, cardiovascular problems, and even cancers in pets. Its true that current studies dont provide any concrete evidence that vaping around pets can be gravely hazardous. However, vets still recommend to step out when you want to enjoy vaping. I recommend you just vape responsible around your best friends, & enjoy life. Vape on my friends, Vape on!


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