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Nautilus AIO

by Vape Dojo on October 25, 2018

Aspire has made another Nautilus tank/device, and we all know that it will not disappoint. The Nautilus has been around for a long time and is a great competitor in the low wattage game. Always providing amazing flavor and a very satisfying hit at such a low power setting. The Nautilus AIO is most definitely a "top 5" when it comes to salt devices. The design of this device makes for a great all around device. The Nautilus AIO just feels right when you hold it - and it hits just as well!


The Nautilus AIO is very similar in size and design to the Breeze 2 - but with some well needed changes. The power button does not feel flimsy anymore, and the two side buttons that hold the tank on are definitely sturdy and less likely to mess up over time. The cap that goes over the mouthpiece actually stays on now.

They have changed some things with the tank where the Breeze 2 fell short on. Like I said before, they have made the mouthpiece guard actually stay on and do its job. The two side buttons have a better grip on the tank and are way more durable. This time they put th

e coil on the bottom of the tank so you do not have to remove the mouthpiece anymore to get to the coil. For those who have or had a Breeze 2, you know the struggle of getting that mouthpiece off. They kept the adjustable airflow that the coil spins onto, but made it tighter so the airflow does not adjust from vibrations. You still fill it the same, but they increased the capacity to 4.5 ml's, which is a lovely touch. With the Nautilus coils you get a wide range of resistance to choose from to meet your needs. The new salt Nautilus coils are very well designed for a great hit and wick really well, while at the same time not over wicking.

This AIO is an amazing all around device and will most definitely be a competitor in the salt game for a good bit of time. The tank on this device should be kept the same and not changed/swapped out. It is easily accessed and is well designed for all users. The only issue I have with Nautilus AIO is that is all plastic. It is not a huge issue but I do see some of my paint coming off after a only month of use. I really do not care, but I'm not everyone. The plastic design is great for weight, but the Breeze 2 metal just felt better, and not cheap (like plastic can feel). Otherwise the device is absolutely on point and should a device to own when using Nic Salt.



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