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My Transition from Smoking to Vaping -- I feel and smell so much better!!

by Vape Dojo on April 23, 2018

When most people talk about quitting cigarettes, they at least have a desire to do so….but in my case, I was given an ultimatum.  Start Vaping or quit riding the nicotine train all together. It was an easy choice!  In 2012 I bought my first vape pen (I couldn’t even tell you the brand). In the beginning it was difficult, considering I tried vaping 24mg. After 3 days I bought 6mg and I that’s when I knew that this was a life style change I could make effortlessly. I’ve been vaping ever since and completely without an urge to smoke cigarettes.  I don’t wake up in the morning and fell like I’m going cough up a lung, I’m never feel short of breath and the best thing is when people point out how I smell cookies, cotton candy or fruit…. Which is way better than smelling like cigarettes!

What I like most about vaping is you can always find what works best for you. Between nicotine strength, flavor profiles, mod setups and builds you can definitely make it your own. The transition is worth it!



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