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Making A Useful Build Kit

by Vape Dojo on October 22, 2018

You’ve finally had the last straw with pre-made coils for your tank - they keep burning up in just a few days of use and you have made the decision to pick up a rebuildable atomizer. But wait, what do you need to build coils for it and what tools do you need for maintenance? Here’s my list of tools that should be in every build kit.  

Jewelers screwdrivers

A key tool that I feel should be in a good build kit is a set of decent set of jewelers screwdrivers or a decent electronics screwdriver set with changeable bits. Every RDA has a different type or size of screws for your post lead or 510 connections. So having a dedicated screwdriver set for your RDA is key for your kit.

Wire Snips

The second item on my list is a good set of Wire Snips. I would recommend a pair of snips with a more presion style of cutting edge. One brand that Vape Dojo carries is the Youde Technology wire cutters, they are fairly inexpensive and will last awhile if you take care of them.

 Coil Jig

Next item up on my list is a decent coil jig or a coiling rod. Look around and find one that you feel will suit your needs. Many manufacturers make decent coil jigs but one I would recommend is the Coil Master V4 coil jig. It’s a well overbuilt coil jig that offers coiling rods sized from 1.5mm to 4.0mm.


Another thing I like to have in my kit is a common wire (I like to use). Normally I keep a spool of 22 gauge Nichrome, a spool of 24 gauge Kanthal, and a spool of 26 gauge stainless steel.

Ohm Reader

Another great tool to have at your disposal in your kit is an Ohm Reader (to see what your coils ohm out to) before you put your RDA on your device. There are two styles of ohm readers I recommend, the simple AA ohm reader and/or a pulse-able ohm reader. The AA style ohm readers are great to see what your coils ohm out to before you dress them up and get them firing evenly. As fair as pulse-able ohm readers go, I like the Coil Master 521 Ohm Reader. The nice thing about the Coil Master 521 is that you can fire your coils and dress up your coils on it.


Another key tool to have in a kit are tweezers, and in this case the more the merrier. In my kit I have a pair of 45 degree needle nose tweezers for manipulating my cotton. Also, a set of needle nose, blunt tip, 45 degree ceramic tipped tweezers for adjusting my coils. The nice thing about ceramic tipped tweezers is that you can pulse your coils while using the ceramic tweezers because ceramic does not conduct electricity.


As far as cotton goes it’s always good to keep some in your kit for when you need it. I like to use Cotton Bacon Prime. It is a stripe style cotton that I feel is easy to work with.


Another item I like for my kit is a small pair of scissors. I like prefer a pair from a small emergency sewing kit from Walmart I picked up a few years back. They are small and have stayed sharp.


A few extra tools I like to keep in my build kit are a small steel wire brush to clean my coils, a small pair of smooth jawed pliers to pull or hold my leads while I wrap my coils, an RDA's wrench to remove stuck atomizers, and a few spare parts for my RDA's.


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