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Looking for a mod with all the bells and whistles, and reasonably priced? The Aspire Skystar may be for you.

by Vape Dojo on April 24, 2018

This is my quick review of the Aspire Skystar mod. A quick shout out once again to Anthony Vapes as he personally recommended this mod to me while he was putting it through it's paces, and I'm glad he did!

There is lots to like about this mod. It looks great and fits nicely in the hand. It's looks are more simple and classic looking than many mods today and it pulls it off very well with the black carbon fiber. Other colors are white, woodgrain, slate blue and blue camoflage.

It's a tad on the heavy side, as expected for a dual 18650 battery mod. Not a negative for me but this may matter for some.

The 510 is solid and centered, and fits 24 mm attys without overhang. It looks like it can fit 25 mm without overhang as well.

Build quality is typical Aspire—solid. No rattles or ill-fitting pieces. The battery bay is easy to access without having to worry about the door sliding off. Inserting the batteries is easy – no worries about ripping your battery wraps. There's a tab with the Aspire logo on it to easily pull and pop out your batteries. Battery life is good and the cutoff I see is around 3.2 volts, which is perfectly fine.

There's also a touchscreen! It is large and easily readable. Brightness, time it stays lit, and clock is all programmable. With two swipes down or up you can access the menu or adjust wattage, respectively, and I saw no issues with response. One button for firing – it is firm and clicky.

The chip may be the star of the show. Various testers have reported it is a very accurate chip and it definitely seems that way to me. All the modes you may want are here: preheat, wattage curves which you can program in .5 second increments, TC and TCR. There is also Bypass and Voltage modes. I use preheat and wattage curves (CPR on the menu) mostly, and found I can dial in my vape just the way I like it.

I've tried TC in SS mode and it worked perfectly. No dry hits, and no tinkering needed. The DNA and YiHi chips may still be tops for temperature control, but these mods can cost twice as much if not more! The rest of the chip makers are catching up and Aspire is one of them.

I paid around $55 for this mod and I feel it's a very reasonable price for all the features it provides. I think Aspire hit a homerun here. Definitely one of the best purchases I've made and would highly recommend!

Review by Nick C, u/VapeDojoNick


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