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Kite In Cloud E-Liquid

by Vape Dojo on September 14, 2018

If you like creamy vape flavors you should definitely give this line a try. Some of the flavors might sound strange but you’ll never know how good they are if you don’t try. Remember don’t judge a book by its cover?

Corde Du Roi – Cardamom custard buns baked with a light malted peanut butter glaze

VG/PG Ratio 80/20

K into N – Kuri Kinton, with a deep berry syrup layered on top a sweet potato and candied chestnuts

VG/PG Ratio 75/25

Lenola Cream – Bananas, pies, fruit medley tastes and creaminess for miles

VG/PG Ratio 70/30

Yellow Noise Maker – Fruit infused black tea ice cream fried in a delicate tempura batter

VG/PG Ratio 75/25

Arrivo – Lenola cream with a honeydew twist

VG/PG Ratio 70/30

Partenza – Strawberries, pies, fruit medley tastes and creaminess for miles

VG/PG Ratio 70/30

Sempre – Lenola cream with a peppermint twist

VG/PG Ratio 70/30

Stasera – Lenola cream with a caramel apple twist

VG/PG Ratio 70/30

Comes in a 60ml bottle available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg nicotine

Ok for Arrivo, Partenza, Sempre and Stasera these flavors are lenola cream base with slight variations also called Lenola Deconstructed. Partenza would be my favorite from Kite in Cloud, I just love strawberries. K into N would probably be my second favorite, it may sound strange but it is very good and creamy.


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