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Is your tank crying?

by Vape Dojo on May 29, 2018
Leakage is probably the most common result of user error. Upon every day working, I experience at least one instance of a leaking tank, and there seems to a lot of misunderstanding on why this happens. A lot of people like to blame either the tank itself, or the O-rings inside. In almost all situations, leaking is due to either a defective coil, an over-aged coil, an incorrect wattage range, exposure to excessive heat, or simply lack of usage. If leakage occurs and it is not due to an old coil or incorrect wattage, I would recommend lightly blowing into the airflow slots while firing off the device, thus purging any excess juice without further saturating the coil. If this method does not work, it is likely that your coil is simply old or defective, needing to be replaced. Bear in mind it’s not impossible to find a tank on the market that simply cries for no reason, but it’s not as common as one might think.

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