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Got a favorite flavor?

by Vape Dojo on May 16, 2018

I want to start off saying that I really enjoy fruit flavored juices. I also enjoy a variety of custard, yogurt, and cream flavors. For me in my opinion Naked 100 offers some of the the best fruit combinations on the market. My favorite flavor from them is called Really Berry, formerly known as Very Berry. It's a combination of blueberry, blackberry, and a hint of lemon zest. I have suggested this flavor to many people and just like me, now they can't get enough. The other Naked 100 flavor that I really like is Green Blast, it's honeydew, green apple, and kiwi. Almost like a green jolly rancher. Vape Dojo also offers a similar flavor called Emerald Buddha, but I'd say that Emerald Buddha has a crisper note of green apple, while Green Blast is more subtle.

My second go to flavors are definitely custard flavors. My favorite custard is the same one it has been for years, Charlie's Custard from the Charlie Noble juice line. It offers a very rich custard flavor and a hint of fresh pie crust. It's an excellent combination to say the least. My other go to custard flavor also comes from Charlie Noble which is called Siren's Song. It's the custard flavor you want mixed with a subtle undertone of strawberries. It's a perfect all day vape.


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