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Freedom from the stench of cigarette smoke!!

by Vape Dojo on April 27, 2018

     I smoked cigarettes for almost fifteen years, and never truly realized how horrible they make things smell. The stench would linger on my clothes, and in my car, cling to my hair and remain on my hands. Even after washing my clothes, the faint presence of smoke was still detectable. The pungent smell was always there.
     It wasn’t until I switched to vaping that I finally grasped how terrible cigarettes made me smell. I was no longer cursed by the distinct smell of smoke. My sense of smell improved over time, and I was delighted by the flavors and aromas that vaping products had to offer. The essence of fruits, or baked desserts now filled the air around me. I was free.
     I am no longer haunted by the disgusting stench of cigarette smoke.

-Paul M.


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