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Charlie Noble - Grape Lemonade

by Vape Dojo on September 19, 2018

Currently I am vaping a brand-new flavor by Charlie Noble. The name is “Grape Lemonade” and it is spot on! It tastes as though it is fresh from the stand. The best way to describe it is Crisp & Refreshing. It’s got the tart, it’s got the sweet, it’s got everything you need for that perfect summer time vape. I would even go as far as considering it an ADV (All Day Vape) & those are tough to find. I am picky about vape Juice & this guy is a winner. If you have ever had a “Gremlin” (1/2 Grape Drink, ½ Lemonade) to drink, then you know exactly what this vape juice tastes like. This juice is the best drink vape in the whole entire universe. It is bursting with tangy and sweet flavors! The combination of lemon and grape makes for a perfect pairing of flavors, delicious stuff. It even keeps me satisfied on a hot day outside. I vape a fair amount of juice while at work and I've tried dozens of different flavors. The grape lemonade is my favorite by far. To me, it tastes like a purple & yellow lemon-head had a baby & named her Charlie Noble (yes, a girl can be named Charlie, it’s 2018!). Another great thing about this juice… It’s only $20.00 for 120ml @ Vape Dojo… That’s a steal! Also, if you buy 3 you get 15% off, & if you buy 5 you get 25% off. This juice practically sells itself. Just to be fair… it does have a weakness… It’s sweet and therefore its not great on coils. Not bad, but not great. To be honest when it comes to vaping, you will always have to sacrifice coil life for sweetness. That’s why I recommend an RDA or RDTA for vaping Charlie Noble – Grape Lemonade. This will extend the life of your coils and allow you to truly taste the majesty of this flavor. I hope this article was helpful, Now get out there and buy some Grape Lemonade! Take care & vape on my friends.

Charlie Noble - Grape Lemonade = $19.99

Also known as a Gremlin to Philly natives, this 50/50 mix of grape juice and lemonade is sure to give your taste buds a tingle.

Profile: Fruit, Primary Flavors: Grape, Lemonade, VG/PG Ratio: 75/25, Bottle Size: 120ml, Nicotine Strength: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG.

Eric Michael Bowersox.


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