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Charlie Noble and Vape Dojo Classic collections

by Vape Dojo on June 11, 2018

  The Charlie Noble and Vape Dojo Classic collections range at VG/PG 76/24 doesn’t totally recreate the taste of burning tobacco, but it does make it possible to recreate some of the characteristics of the best-known brands of cigarette. VG/PG 76/24 will generate more flavor than vapor.

   Charlie Noble tobacco sampler 60ml size                     Vape Dojo tobacco sampler in 100ml size


***Pro Tip***The PG and VG in e-liquids can leave your mucous membranes feeling dry. It is important to stay hydrated!


        Mints and menthol's make it possible to reduce the sensation of the larynx contraction that vapers feel, and confer refreshing, mildly anesthetic properties.

        After some time without cigarettes, you'll gradually recover your taste buds and you'll be ready to move on to other flavors in our collection of e-liquids. For example you can vape a tobacco or mint/menthol all day or try something out of our bakery or fruit collection. We have a selection of all sorts of pleasurable vaping.

        If you have been smoking a pack a day you will probably need at least a 60ml bottle that's only one bottle or less per week.


***Pro Tip***Make sure you always have an emergency bottle at a higher nicotine strength with you, for times when you might be tempted to smoke again.



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