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Brilliant flavor combo suggestion from a customer!

by Vape Dojo on August 01, 2018
I have been vaping for aproximately 2 years now, in that time I have tried about 15 different eliquid brands. Charlie Noble has been the most asserted, subtle, and best quality eliquids I've ever tried.
About a couple of months ago, I had some left over Charlie Custard and Stroopwaffel eliquids, both at 3mg, so I decided: I'll mix a small batch and try it (in the same proportion).
It turned out as a real pecan ice cream flavor, believe it or not!! Delicious flavor!
I know that Charlie Noble is commited to great quality eliquids, and now with the new dessert flavors out on the market, this is one flavor to try.
Guillermo D.

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