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Aspire continues to release all new groundbreaking products. For example, the Aspire Feedlink Revvo kit. The Feedlink will easily present new age advancements in the electronic cigarette industry. Equipped with a nine milliliter capacity and outstanding power output, the Revvo boost coil requires less power than the more standard coil version. Also, the Boost coil is designed specifically for the Feedlink Revvo tank. The original Revvo tank is designed a bit differently than the Feedlink Revvo tank. The Feedlink Revvo tank holds two milliliters at a time. Inside the Feedlink Revvo device is the seven milliliter “squonk” tube.

I believe the ease of use for the Feedlink Revvo kit goes beyond most modern devices. I think the tank is revolutionary and the squonk combination makes it so. The simple fill system is ultimately why I would recommend the Feedlink Revvo kit.


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