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Atlantis Evo (extended) Review

by Vape Dojo on June 12, 2018

Atlantis Evo (extended) Review

Let's have a quick review on the Atlantis Evo. In this review I'm going to give my opinion and some tips/tricks.


Quickly looking at this tank it is clearly similar to the Aspire Cleito. The biggest difference here is wattage and some added bonuses to the tank. This tank comes with an extension to increase capacity.

The extension literally just screws onto the coil and after that just replace original glass with extended glass. BAM! More e-liquid capacity. This tank is a top fill tank. All you have to do is unscrew the top of the tank to fill. Of course it comes with adjustable airflow for you to play with. That's pretty much it when it comes to tank assemble and the changing of parts. Very straight forward tank.

Now how I feel about this tank is actually good. No I'm just saying that because we sell it. I like that the tank doesn't need to be ran at a high wattage. I really find myself enjoying this tank at around 35 to 40 watts. It's nice to see my tank not consume so much e-liquid. I am able to get a satisfying vape with little e-liquid. The tank is very well designed. Everything screws together nicely and is very easy to take apart. The only thing I have trouble with is the airflow. I am already picky when it comes to airflow but so is this tank. Me being a chain vaper I actually need to keep the tank at a tighter draw to keep liquid flowing in. If I have it wide open it starts to dry out quick on me. Again I chain vape all my vapes so I'm hitting my tank 5 to 8 times in a row for at least 3 to 6 seconds. Now don't think this happens to me with only this tank. I have found 2 tanks that are built for me but that also means it is not built to others due to them not being chain vapers. They find themselves having leaky tanks. So my conclusion of this tank is it is great for the regular vaping vapers. I don't exactly recommend this for those who chain vape but I still do. The flavor is fantastic and the tank just hits right. The work around I have for this tank is to loosen the top where you fill to release the tanks vacuum. This causes the tanks coil to fill with e-liquid when the vacuum is being released then you are good to go again.


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